Case For Her/ Project Drawdown:

Brief set by D&AD : Promote sexual reproductive health and help save the planet.

Although it might not seem like female sexual reproductive health and climate change are connected, they are in fact inextricably linked.  Climate disasters exacerbate existing gender inequalities by disrupting access to essential female health products.

While people might think climate change is just about the weather, it's actually about the wealthier, and those who hold the power to reduce C02 emissions.

Cara Wolder (AD, CW).
Aniya Hope (CBM).
Dunny Dungeon (Strat).
Matt Allison (XD).

Case Study:

Supporting Material:

The front of the bill:

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RVA Gun Violence:

ABOUT THE ASK: Create an awareness campaign about the consequences of guns to help curb gun violence.

*live client*

After many hard conversations we decided that creating a marketing campaign about guns was not a meaningful solution to end gun violence. We took a different approach that didn’t talk about guns at all. Instead, we created a solution that talks about life and how much of it there is to live for.

Case Study: