(Brand Act, OOH, Motion).

ASSIGNMENT: Create a distinctive campaign and voice for a product based on its history or place of origin.

The history of tequila seems as though it's a man's tale, but that couldn't be further from the truth for Herradura. In this campaign, Herradura pays homage to the lost las mujeres who never got their recognition, yet have helped make Herradura the strong and bold tequila we enjoy today.

Cara Wolder (AD)
Kayla Hall (CW)



PLACEMENT: Sponsored Instagram story.


PLACEMENT: Bus stops, busy city streets.

Brand Act:

On International Women's Day we'll partner with bars in major cities to serve a new cocktail with a secret feminist initiative.

We will promote our new cocktail, 'Herradura with a Twist' exclusively in the female bathroom, allowing us to have a more personal tone.

After a drink is purchased, the receipt will let men in on the twist and thank them for giving women the promotion they deserve.

All proceeds will go to a scholarship fund created after Maria Lopez, who is the first female master distiller, which will help other young women step up into male-dominated fields.