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ABOUT THE BRAND: Manda is a reef-safe sunscreen who has made it their brand mission to protect the coral reefs.

Not many people realize that using regular sunscreen adversely affects the health of our entire ecosystem of life under water. With scientists estimating that more than 90% of coral reefs will die before 2050, it means that if nothing changes beach lovers will have to start finding alternative uses for all their beach items.



With a partnership with IKEA, we created ‘The Dead Beach Boutique’ - a product line of beachwear and accessories repurposed into every day items to raise the question: What will you do with your beach items when there is nothing left of the beach?


We'll drive people in store through OOH and paid social media ads.


Social Media:


MANDA will partner with DIY influencers to launch the #RepurposeWithPurpose DIY challenge, which will encourage people to repurpose their own beach objects into fashionable art pieces.